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L'effetto più prezioso nel modo più semplice!

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L'effetto più prezioso nel modo più semplice!


Quality and continuous innovation

CRISTOFORO TIXE D’ARENZANO was established in 1939, and bears the name of its founder. Since its first few years of operation, the company has become a point of reference for the production of paints with metallic pigment. Over time, the company went from an artisan-like organization to a small industrial company.
This is confirmed by its relocation during the 1980s to a new building in the industrial area of Arenzano, and by the ISO 9000 certification obtained in the 1990s, attesting the quality of the company’s production cycle.
At present, CRISTOFORO TIXE D’ARENZANO is capable of handling different lines of products and services intended for a range of customers that goes from retail stores to large industries in the painting products sector.

This the result of an experience spanning several decades, during which the company gradually focused on a constantly expanding market, both with regards to the technical aspects and with specific reference to the growing requirements for documented product quality.
Since 2009 CRISTOFORO TIXE D’ARENZANO began his adventure in the Great Distribution, focusing on products particularly cared and dedicated to a niche market. The attention to the smallest details of the presentation and to the quality of the products supplied have allowed CRISTOFORO TIXE D’ARENZANO to carve an important space, able to distinguish itself in the offer of the market.


A true masterpiece


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