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Third-part Manufacture

Third-part manufacture

Since then, the number of companies for whom we perform this service has constantly increased, and now includes some of the leading companies, even multinational ones, operating in the paints and varnishes, adhesive and Beux Arts products sector.

The range of available products, fully tested and in strict compliance with regulations in force, goes from bi-component enamels for touch-ups to metallic pigment paints, from mono and bi-component stuccos, including super light ones, to metallic adhesives (liquid steel), to products for the treatment of surfaces subjected to high temperatures (500/600°), to the anti-graffiti and asbestos treatment cycles, up to all water-based products.


  • Three different types of packaging lines, one of which equipped with extruder, allow the company to work with all sorts of products (from stuccos to thinners) and with all types of containers (tinplate, plastic, glass), with a special talent for packaging small sizes, especially requested in the touch-up, model-making and do-it-yourself sectors as well as in other sectors.
  • Five diffusers, one microsphere mill and blenders for drums, cubes and tanks for the excellent blending of products in any container.
  • The packaging equipment also includes 2 labeling stations, 2 inkjet printing stations, one sticker applicator, one heat printer for label personalization, two heat-shrinking kilns, one cartoning machine and all that is necessary for supplying all types of packaging, even the most sophisticated kind, READY FOR SALE.

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