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Universal pigmented acrylic connection primer, intended for smoothing external wall unevenness, for filling grainy surfaces, or as an intermediate in wall consolidation cycles, before final coloring. Eventix allows the patching of grainy and worn surfaces, avoiding the use of smoothing compounds. Eventix has a high resistance to atmospheric agents. Excellent adhesion. Suitable for: mineral substrates, stones artificial, natural stone, lime plasters, cement, gypsum, plasterboard, fired bricks, old acrylic, vinyl, siloxane, silicate, plaster. Thinning: roller and spatula: 5/10% – brush: 10/15%.

Available in fine grain (0.4 mm grain size) and coarse grain (up to 0.6 mm grain size).

Available formats:

  • 14 l
  • 4 l


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