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Siloxane paint with high opacity and excellent filling power, suitable for the protection of the external wall support subject to humidity. Thanks to the characteristics of high water repellency towards the inside and breathability towards the outside, SILSAN TIX is intended for the application of new or already painted plastered external walls, which usually stain and peel due to an evident environmental humidity or rising damp. The SILSAN TIX film creates an effective barrier against the penetration of rain, but at the same time allows the escape of rising wall moisture, avoiding the formation of swelling and cracking. SILSAN TIX in addition to excellent adhesion and coverage, has anti-algae power, which limits the blackening of the walls slightly irradiated by the sun, located to the north, in atmospheric humidity conditions. Thinning: roller: 15% – brush: 25%
UNI EN 1062 Classified Product (exterior paints).

Available formats: 14 l – 4 l


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