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Decorative enamel in kit form to obtain the rust effect or oxidized copper on all surfaces. The product consists of a base enamel (iron or copper), an oxidizing activator, and a protective neutralizer. The three components are used in succession. RUSTIX is ideal for the decoration of any appropriately prepared support (plastic, iron, wood), particularly for furniture and interior walls, to which you want to give an antique and rustic look.

* Base enamel can be applied by brush or roller; oxidizer can be applied by sponge or brush. Finally, the protective product can be applied by brush or roller. It is recommended not to apply by spraying.

Available formats: 1 l*

* Contenuto netto del Kit / Net Kit Contents: 500 ml (A) + 250 ml (B) + 250 ml (C) = 1.000 ml