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OYSTAR WHITEPEARL COLLECTION, Oystar decorative paint in shades of white to illuminate the rooms of the house with pearly reflections. Matt, smooth, sandblasted or with a velvet effect …
To each his own style.

OYSTAR is a decorative paint with a mother-of-pearl effect in the classic smooth and sandblasted versions, and in the innovative matt and velvety variants. Thanks to the precious pigments, OYSTAR adorns the surfaces treated with a great pearl effect tactile, resulting in a modern environment with chromatic effects that vary according to the inclination of the light. The product decorates the walls in different effects depending on the technique and imagination. Easy application and excellent coverage.

From the Whitepearl Collection comes Oystar Color, the innumerable shades obtainable with the Universaltix by Tixe tinting system.

MIXING BY ADDING TIXE’S WATER-BASED ENAMELS – The recommended ratio is 1:8; therefore the mixing is as follows: 125 ml of water enamel Tixe in each liter of water base Tixe (250 ml in 2 liters).

MIXING BY TIXE’S TINTING SYSTEM – Many colors can be obtained with the Tixe’s tinting system.

Available formats: 2 l – 1 l